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CNN Chile is a Chilean 24-hour television news channel launched on December 4, 2008.[1] It is a joint venture between VTR Chile, a Liberty Global subsidiary, and Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, a unit of Time Warner. The channel is based in Santiago, Chile.
It is the local version of popular TV news channel Cable News Network. CNN had previously showed interest in the Chilean market when it covered the 2005 presidential elections, through CNN en Español.
Logo used from 2008 to 2017.
The news channel is partnered with free-to-air TV station Chilevisión, Chile's most reliable TV channel, since 2010, when Turner Broadcasting System bought it out for $145.000 million to Sebastian Piñera's family.
Under its "Está pasando, lo estas viendo" (It's happening, you're watching it) slogan, it has become one of the country's most successful TV news stations. It is also known for being the first local CNN version to be launched outside from the United States.



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